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Quick Fireplace Repair, Service, & Installation in Renfrew & Arnprior, ON & Surrounding Areas

heating and cooling cornwallIf your gas fireplace isn’t flaming like it used to, you need to get it repaired safely, quickly and at a price you can afford.

What’s Wrong with Your Fireplace?

  • The pilot light is on but as soon as you release the button, it goes out?
  • The pilot is running but the main burner won’t light?
  • The pilot won’t ignite at all?
  • The heat output isn’t what it should be?

McCrea’s can visit your home to determine the cause of the problem and give you a quick quote on the repair or service. To make the process as quick as it can be, all you have to do is provide the model and serial number of your gas fireplace. Find it on a metal service sheet chained to the main valve under or behind your fireplace, or on the cover of your owner’s manual.

If you already subscribe to a fireplace maintenance plan, your issue might be remedied with a simple annual service, including:

  • A cleaning of the gas logs and removal of soot
  • Pilot inspection and flame adjustment
  • Review of thermopile, thermocouple, vents and blowers
  • A complete system review, including a 22 point maintenance checklist

Why Choose McCrea’s for your Fireplace Repair, Service, and Installation?
Renfrew & Arnprior and the surrounding area.

  • ClimateCare members are trained to repair every gas fireplace out there, and update their training when new technologies enter the market.
  • We are a local business owner, so you’re supporting the local economy.
  • Straightforward pricing, because cost is almost always the first thing our customers want to know.
  • McCrea’s follows strict quality standards outlined by the ClimateCare cooperative. This means you’re getting the most up-to-date technical knowledge and superb customer service practices.

Contact us today and see why so many of your neighbours already trust us for fireplace repairs and other HVAC services.

Request a service call from McCrea’s ClimateCare’s service specialists. Emergency service available.

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