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McCrea’s – Your Matawatchan Heating And Cooling System Specialist

Ontario weather represents a large range of temperatures and climates. In the summers Matawatchan can have extremely hot humid days and the winter extremely cold. With McCrea’s ClimateCare, you can feel confident in receiving the best service for your Heating And Cooling systems.

McCrea’s is a proud member of an Ontario wide group of heating and air conditioning system contractors. We carry top quality products, and have specially trained technicians to install, maintain and repair your HVAC system. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or are in the market for a new system, the specialists at McCrea’s Climate Care are the ones you can trust.

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We are experienced with all types of air conditioning systems, heating systems and HVAC systems. Have a question about your heating and a/c system? Check our FAQ page or contact us.

We also have convenient Maintenance and Protection Plans that will save you money on repairs and that are set up to include regular maintenance for your system. This will help keep your system running smoothly. Regular maintenance will also help identify any potential issues are before they become large expensive problems.


Matawatchan is a community in the township of Greater Madawaska. The residents here live in a relaxing country atmosphere, surrounded by other small towns, each with their own charm.

McCrea’s Climate Care in Matawatchan is also proud to serve the areas listed below, contact us to make an appointment;

Arnprior, Beachburg, Calabogie, Cobden, Matawatchan, Renfrew, Westmeath

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