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repairsFast and Friendly AC, Furnace and Other HVAC Repairs

ClimateCare provides fast and friendly repair service for all home comfort appliances.  As your home comfort systems get older, it becomes more and more likely you’ll encounter a repairs-needed situation.  When you do, our members are ready to take your call.

Think You Need Repairs?

If you think something isn’t right with your HVAC system, get help from one of our experts.  Follow the links to learn more about what we offer for:

Most HVAC systems claim to last 20 years or more, and most should.  But in those years, it’s almost guaranteed some sort of repairs will be needed.  If the repairs aren’t performed by a meticulous, expert technician, the guarantee your manufacturer provides doesn’t count for anything.

The quality of service your HVAC system gets is as important to its longevity as the manufacturer name and build quality.


That’s Why Homeowners Choose Us

ClimateCare is a unique collection of HVAC businesses across Ontario, the largest of its kind, working together to ensure every homeowner in the province receives high quality service as quickly as possible.

The ClimateCare cooperative is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of workmanship and customer service.  To maintain membership to the group, ClimateCare must continually demonstrate excellence in every technical aspect of the HVAC industry.  Plus we do not subcontract our service work out to others.

Contact us and book your repair service to keep your AC, furnace or other HVAC appliances in perfect working condition for years to come.


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