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What Products are Covered in the WeCare Maintenance or Protection Plus Plan?

All WeCare plans can be custom configured to meet the needs of your home, including any special equipment you may have.

Get coverage for just your HVAC unit for a cool home in the hot summer or talk to your ClimateCare member about protection for every heating and cooling related product you own. Maintenance coverage plans can be set up for all ClimateCare products

What’s Included in the WeCare Protection Plus Plan?

In addition to peace of mind knowing you will always get service without big surprises in the form of an unexpected expense, your WeCare Protection PlusPlan offers the following benefits:

  • All parts (with just a few exceptions) and labour are covered
  • Priority appointments over non-maintenance plan customers
  • Fully qualified and licensed professional technicians
  • Plus a 20% discount off regular labour rates if repairs are ever required
  • No upcharges for after-hours service
  • All in all a 26-point Furnace Maintenance checklist is performed
  • Up to a 28-point – Water Heaters
  • 22-point – Air Conditioners
  • 22-point – Heat Pumps
  • 26-point – Boilers
  • 22-point – Fireplaces
  • 13-point – HRV’s/ERV’s
  • 9-point – Humidifier

Our WeCare Maintenance Plan will ensure your system keeps running worry and hassle free. It also helps you avoid the cost of most unexpected repairs and long wait times. That’s a lot of peace of mind.

Our highly trained and licensed technicians will ensure that your entire system is running efficiently and reliably to give you complete peace of mind.

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